Hearty laughter and hearty meals – mention Mitos and these two things come to mind immediately! Mitos grew up in the kitchens of the women of her family, easily the most exclusive culinary education one could imagine. There she was initiated into the pleasures of food made with love. When Mitos began her own family she chose Baguio to be the city in which to keep a hearth burning. This food maven now serves up delicious comfort food that pays tribute to Baguio’s place in history as one of Asia’s famed colonial hill stations. Baguio’s early beginnings as a city are rooted in the two colonial eras of the Philippines. The Spanish colonizers first established a sanitarium in the Cordillera region in the 19th century. Europeans who traveled to the tropics in the 18th and 19th centuries found comfort in the pleasant climes of the mountainous regions. They established hill stations as places of rejuvenation and as enclaves for the European lifestyle in former Southeast Asian colonies. In these hill stations the beauty of the landscape, the temperate weather, the rustic settings and good food combined to create a feeling of well-being for visitors and residents alike. Baguio was among the last hill stations to be established in Asia, during the Spanish and American colonial periods of the Philippines. Hill Station offers you robust dishes that blend the flavors of Asia’s hill stations with the tastes of Old World Europe and New World America. Here in her creations, these three worlds fuse harmoniously as never before, and a spoonful of history was never as good!


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